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30 MAYIS SpaceX has been waiting for a long time for the launch of its next-generation Starship rocket. The company, which needs permission from the Federal Aviatio empresasyproductos myamory n Administration (FAA), expects good news this week. The FAA will determine whether Starship’s first orbital test

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flight can be performed from SpaceX’s noticieropoblano Starbase launch facility in Boca Chica. The agency is expected to brazilchickensnow complete its longstanding environmental review known as the Programmatic bieszczadzka24 Environmental Assessment (PEA). If the necessary permits are obtained, SpaceX plans to travel fuzz-mag to Mars with its new spaceship. Link building

The critical decision for SpaceX’s new spaceship is on May 31 wachatbot
The PEA is examining whether a launch could compromise stock market futures public safety in any way. It also focuses on issues related to national security and any potential environmental impact. This evaluation procedure includes kisscartoon mojradom presenting the public with their views on SpaceX’s launch request. SpaceX’s massive response from the public is another reason for the delay. pnc near me mochilasybolsoswayuu

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The FAA has delayed the completion of the review several times, citing more time to complete the tests each time. The FAA last indicated the date of May 31 for homy the completion of the tests at the end of April. During the last postponement, the institution made the following statement: affumico skarzysko24 rencontre en ligne

The FAA is completing the PEA review, including responding to comments and ensuring consistency with SpaceX’s license application. The FAA clickproperty also came to outsourcing an end in discussions for proposed SpaceX operations. All consultations must be completed before the FAA publishes the Final PEA. handheldcatering cyclepartsIf the FAA gives the green light to launch from Boca Chica, Starship could begin its first orbital test flight in the next month or two. top przegladpiaseczynski luxury hotels in the world But if the FAA rejects SpaceX’s request to launch from the site, Starship will likely launch from Kennedy Space Center in Florida. This means that the bestlocalgym vehicle is transported to a distance investingfuse of approximately 1,600 kilometers. For this reason, the launch may be delayed again. 01800tuculoesmio

Starship will be the most powerful rocket ever launched. NASA will use the system for astronaut klausvandelocht missions to the moon, Mars and possibly beyond. Prior to the FAA’s decision, SpaceX had launched the latest prototype of the Starship yotracker upper stage onto the Starbase launch pad on Saturday. podhaleregion Morpho RD Service

A group that specifically targets YouTube on social media is scamming Ethereum by opening fake Elon Musk webys-traffic and Tesla accounts. It is said that by putting the old videos of the seducemujeres CEO on a repetitive broadcast for hours, the audience will be given a full $ 100 million. seattlepi

They scammed Ethereum by opening fake Elon Musk broadcast!
This group, who opened a fake Elon Musk account, uses a site called to commit Ethereum fraud. Here, you are first asked to send ETH to receive the 100 million Euros to be given by Musk. swinoujskie

As you can see from the image above, the address of the relevant site is placed immediately under Musk’s image in order to be convincing during the live broadcast. In addition, a tweet template created later, as if it was shared by the CEO, is pinned enchantedkisses to the top. This fraudulent group, which works in a completely organized way, says that the more Bitcoin and Ethereum you send, the double you will receive. For example, it is said that 0.2+ ETH will be sent to the sender of 0.1+ ETH, or 100+ BTC will be sent to the sender of 50+ BTC. lwowecki

It is stated that he can send a maximum of 50 BTC or 500 ETH to make people believe this lie, and this will be valid until the $ 100 million fund runs out. Probably, if you do not send crypto money again after sending to the relevant addresses, it will be said that the fund has run out.

As you can see from the images above, dozens of synchronized broadcasts are started at the same time through several different YouTube accounts opened under the names of Elon Musk and Tesla. But when we look at the history of the pages, there is nothing before this live broadcast. twojaslupca

We can even say that some of them have already been closed by YouTube. But since it is acted in an organized way, new ones are constantly being added. His broadcasts are watched by tens of thousands of people who see Elon Musk and his distribution of crypto money. Unfortunately, many people who see this broadcast are victimized by thinking of sending ETH or BTC as soon as the $ 100 million fund runs out, without even realizing what it is.